Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Embedding a Google Drive Folder

You can embed a Google Drive Folder anywhere in a blog but it sort of makes sense to put it on a page that is more static and accessible.

The usefulness of doing this is that the images or files or whatever you put in the embedded folder can just be swapped or added to for every reference and just keep the embedded folder on the one page- nice and simple.

You are going to want to copy some html code and change it a little. If I write the code directly into this blog post it will embed stuff so I have written the code for you to copy onto a Google Doc that you may like to make a copy of for yourself and do the changing on your own copy.

Here is a direct link to the Google Doc for you to copy.

Angela Lee has made this video to show you the process too.

And here is how the embedded Google Drive Folder would look...

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