Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Changing your Blogger Header

Changing your Blogger Header can involve a bit of trial and error as everyone's blog will be a different width.

Firstly chose an image than can be fairly long and thin.

I use Preview on my Apple laptop to edit the photo because it is standard on all Apple laptops.

Use the Tool Menu to crop your original photo.

Now use the tool menu again to adjust the size to about 1000px wide. Don't worry about the height.

Save the resized image to your desktop so you can easily find it.

Go to your OVERVIEW and go to LAYOUT.

Look where it says EDIT THE HEADER

Upload your cropped and resized photo.

 See how my photo is a bit too long and it sticks out the side. You can fix that.

Go back to the OVERVIEW. Click on TEMPLATE, then CUSTOMISE and ADJUST THE WIDTH until you get it just right.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Allanah!

Love your work!!! I am experimenting. Am making a temporary header for our class blog and adding the photo via your instructions. It worked perfectly. I'm having trouble putting the title where I want it though. I've managed to centre it by looking elsewhere online, but wondering if I can drop it down lower on the header? Do you have any tips for that please? mahanakotuku.blogspot.co.nz if you have time and inclination to have a look at what I mean...