Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Getting Rid of the top Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the very top of your blog can be a worry if your blog is going to be viewed by young children as the NEXT BLOG option could lead them to random places that it is not good that they go.

This bar can be removed if you want by placing a little bit of code in the blog template. Tricky but cunning!

Here is how to do it.

1. Firstly- seeing you have got rid of the Navigation Bar you still want a link to the Blogger log in page.

Go to your Overview and go to LAYOUT.

Click on add a gadget.

Scroll down the list til you get to LOGO. Click on the PLUS sign to add it.

Chose one of the LOGO colours that you like and click SAVE.

Now all you need to do is click on the Blogger logo and it will take you to the Blogger log in page.

2. Now go to the OVERVIEW, then go to LAYOUT.

Look for NAVBAR and click on edit.

Look for where it says OFF in the pop up box. Click and save it and your work is done!.

3. This is another way to get rid of the Navigation Bar using html.

 Copy this bit of html code.

#navbar-iframe {

Then go to the OVERVIEW and go to the TEMPLATE.

Click on it. Then click on EDIT HTML.

You will get told to be careful but procede any way.

Usually you paste the code under the second dotty line. Each template can be slightly different.

Click PREVIEW to check of the navigation bar at the top has really gone.

If it has, click SAVE TEMPLATE- if it hasn't try the code somewhere else.

I would add once more that it is a good idea to preview the changes before you actually publish them in case you have put the code in the wrong place. If you muck it up just discard the changes and try again.


Marnie said...

Well you have some hidden secrets don't you - I had no idea you had ANOTHER blog - I can see I will need to do lots of reading as there is so much to learn from here!! Fixed up my blogs - thanks, I am not very knowledgeable about code so I had no idea that kind of thing could be changed. I will be sending your blog link round to the other teachers at school to tell them to fix theirs up to!
Thanks again!

Mrs C said...

Thanks for the info - I tried the link but got a 'page not found'. Any suggestions?

Bling4yrblog said...

Sorry about that- good that you found the link was missing.

The page that I originally got the code from must have changed so I have added a couple of extra instructions that hopefully spell it out a little more explicitly.

Let me know how you got on.


Durff said...

Bless you!

AllanahK said...

Durff- you're welcome. Any time!!!!


shamrocks said...

At last I was able to remove the navbar option from our school blog thanks to you Allanah. I attended your breakout at ulearn - but didn't quite manage to get my head around it. It's wonderful to be able to access so much useful info via your blog. However I am still struggling to add a logo for the blogger login. I followed the steps but how do I actually add another element to the template? Look forward to help from you or anyone else out there who had a similar problem.

Moturoa said...

I think Blogger was down this morning and things weren't in the right place where they should be.

It should be right again now.

To get the Blogger logo- go to your DASHBOARD- Top right after you have logged in. It should let you add a page element- from time to time you might not see the link- wait a try again in a little while.

Ckick on Add Logo, pick a colour and save!

Hope this helps- you were probably doing the right thing but somethimes Blogger plays with your head and things aren't thre when next time you visit they are!



Korero Pt England said...

Thanks Allanah
I have just given this URL to yet another person setting up a blog and felt remiss that I haven't stopped by to say how grateful I am.

This blog is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Hi Allanah

Once again I have used your fantastic Bling4yrblog site to help others at my school set up class blogs and as a handy reference site for me as I am unable to remember all the technical stuff you seem to have such a good grasp of.
I enjoy reading your Life is not a race blog site as well and look forward to reading more about the Adobe conference you are going to.

This is my 2nd year having a class blog for writing and we have also delved into photostories and hope to podcast later on.

Thanks again for sharing all your learning with those of us that are just getting to grips with all the newish stuff.

Our Teacher said...

Dear Allanah
Thank you so much for emailing me after viewing the navbar on my blog - silly me, I did not even think about the dangers of that! Well I have edited the html - please have a look and let me know if it is okay now:
You're a legend - God Bless You!
Kree Raman

Room 2 Tua Marina School said...

Thanks, I did do that but then I also lost:

room2tuamarina@gmail.com | New Post | Customize | Sign Out

So I changed it back to how it was.

I tried to follow your directions but just got a wee bit lost.

I have been working with Jocelyn Mackay over here in Marlborough so next time I see her I will get her to have a look.

Thank you! :)

Room 3 said...

This has been really helpful for blog novices! Many thnaks for sharing your knowledge so freely with the teaching profession.

SPS Superstars said...

Thanks Allanah,
Was pointed in the direction of this post by Amanda (now at Summerland).
Could save me from children accessing unsuitable stuff!

Room 21 Superheroes said...

Thanks Allanah I am just starting my class blog and have found "Bling your Blog" extremely useful. I have got rid of the navigation bar, added a hit counter, clock and a cluster map. Thanks once again and I shall definately be visiting this blog again