Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adding Gadgets on Your Side Bar

Adding gadgets to the side bar of your blog really adds functionality and interest to your blog.

To add a gadget go to the OVERVIEW. Then go to the LAYOUT.

Click on ADD A GADGET.

Scroll down the list and click the plus for the gadget you want.

You can repeat the process and get lots of gadgets.

Here is a list of gadgets that I have found useful.

  • Pages- add static page to your blog- one that doesn't scroll away over time.
  • Search box- search your blog 
  • Html- very useful for adding things like YouTube videos and services from other web sites.
  • Text- it's good to write a little about your class so visitors know what year level you teach, who you are and why you are blogging.
  • Picture- a good place to put a class photo
  • Slideshow- add a slideshow of photos from the blog.
  • Poll- ask your readers to vote on topics of interest.
  • Link List- this is how I add links to Reading, Maths etc website to add usefulness and functionality to your blog.
  • Labels- group your blog posts into categories or add children's names so they can easily find their blog posts.


Marnie said...

This is brilliant - I am running a how to set up your blog session for some staff at school next week - will definately be getting them to look at this link!!

room5 said...

HI there allanah. HAve just come away from a workshop full of enthusiasm to get a blog going but I am so far away from understanding this, its embarrasing!

I have managed to construct a page for my class and have followed your instructions so far but when I came to this one - changing things on your side bar,l got lost. I can't seem to find the information that you are talking about??!!!

I have posted 2 items on our page, but our 'welcome' post which was the first one has now slid down to accommodate 'the dates for the term' how do I rectify this????

If you could email me on I would be really grateful

Kind Regards


Michelle Jailine said...

Thank you! You just saved my life!

Kaipaki Seniors said...

Hi Allanah
A great reminder for the quick session I had today on how to set up a blog.
Thanks Ali

Carolyn said...

Thank you for the clear instruction on how to put a gadgets on our bar. Its a big help!

Kim said...

Hi Allanah, Love your comments on all things blogging. I am rather new in blogland and have found your blog very helpful. Thank you.

Kim said...

Thank you Allanah on your blog. I am new to blogland and have found your comments on 'how to' of immense help. It is much appreciated.

inactive said...

Tysm! :D

Anonymous said...

So helpful for us Newbies much appreciated. keep sharing the love peeps