Thursday, September 13, 2012

Editing HTML

I don't know a lot about HTML but it's the code that underwrites what goes on the internet.

What I quite often do is make the Blogger video larger so that it is easier to see without having to go full screen. To do that I upload the video and then click on the html tab of the new post. You will see some html code as below. I then change the height and width to suit.

I sometimes do the same with YouTube videos
If I am gathering an embed code for a web site that I don't want children to be able to click on I can sometimes remove the words that would link to the site by taking out the Title so that the > and < touch.

Sometimes you may want to share a link in your comments. I use Blog Assist to do it for me but you can do it for yourself but putting a bit of html code around the URL address like this adding the black bits around the web address and the text.

I can't put the actual html code here so you can copy it because it actually tries to link it so you will have to copy off the picture below.

The word Nets in the example above will be all that the the people you left comments for will see but it will be hyperlinked to the URL you want to share.


Room 14 said...

Thanks Allanah, this is really helpful advice. C.

Mrs Guest said...

Thanks for the blog help. I'm very new to this. I have you bookmarked so I can read it several times as I'm a slow learner! G.