Monday, September 3, 2012

Jig-saw puzzles

To make a jig-saw appear as a photo in your blog go to the website below and browse to a photo from your computer. The puzzle needs to be reduced to about 300 whatevers so it isn't too big for your posting window. I use iPhoto on my Apple so I'm afraid I don't know what a 'whatever' is- I just export to the desktop at the lowest image size and resolution.

Choose your photo to upload then select the size of the pieces you want to show and put the html into your blog post as before.

The site you get gives you a URL web address you can go to complete the jigsaw puzzle on a page of its own.

You can also get the embed code so you can complete the puzzle embedded in your blog.

Copy the embed code into the html part of your blog post.

I also go back and take out the code that adds an advertising message bar at the bottom of the jigsaw just to keep things nice and neat.


JimBoii said...

Amazing! This is very helpful in my blog site. Thanks a lot.

JimBoii said...

Amazing! This very helpful in my blog site. Thanks a lot!