Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adding and Deleting Labels to Blog Posts

Adding a label to the side bar of your blog lets you group your blog posts into categories or names of children who have written or featured in a blog post.

To add a label go to the OVERVIEW. Then go to the LAYOUT.

Click on ADD A GADGET.

Scroll down the list and click the plus for Label.

Decide how you want your labels to look.

Then save your gadget. You can move where your gadgets are placed by dragging the rectangle where you want it to be and then save your arrangement.

To add a label you write your post and add the label that you want your viewers to see. like this...

Your labels will then look something like this...

At the end of the year you may want to get rid of all the labels that were children's names ready for the next class.

To do that open your post list on the dashboard.

Click in the upper right menu to display all the posts with the same label.

Now select all of those posts by clicking the box at the top of the list. This selects all of the blog posts.

Next to the check box is a Drop Down Label Menu.

Open it and click on the label you wish to remove.

This will remove the label from all of the blog posts it was used with, thus deleting it from the label list!


pklein said...

Allanah, I have directed one of my students to your instructions for adding a label. He is the only one in my class who already had a Blogger blog while everyone else is setting up an Edublogs blog. Thanks for the tips.

Tui Class said...

I don't use this Blog enough Allanah, very comprehensive instructions! David Turnhout