Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adding an embeded a Google Presentation

A Google Presentation is another great way for children to contribute to your blog.

Make a Google presentation by going to Google Drive and CREATE a Presentation.

Make a slide for one student with their name on it, then duplicate it for as many children as you want to contribute.

Change the name on each slide so that each child knows where to write.
Make sure it is open for everyone to edit without a log in by sharing it to edit without needing a log in. Change that when the editing was completed.
Then put a link to that presentation on the blog so the children would know where to find it.
Children then go to the blog, click on the link, find their slide and fill it in. I believe that twenty people can edit a Google presentation at one time so as many children as there are computers can work on editing.

When everyone has done editing close it off by making it so no one can edit it so no cherub could wreck it and write stuff in the holidays that you don’t know of.

After all the children have finished editing publish it and put the embed code under the html tab in the blog post.

To publish and embed click the little downward arrow by the SHARE tab.

The default size is about right for Blogger but you can make some publishing changes before you grab the embed code.

To publish the embed code click on the HTML tab next to compose in the blog post.

Here is how it will look on your blog when finished.

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