Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Live Blogging

This little exercise is not so much a 'how to' but a place to host a live blogging event I want to play with at Learning At School 2008 in Rotorua, New Zealand at 11:15am on February 21. Use this world clock fixed time to work out when the event will take place if you are outside NZ.

The event is called, "Did You Know- New Zealand?" lead by Simon Evans and based on Karl Fisch's compelling video entitled "Did you know?"

What does it mean for New Zealand education? The new curriculum has leeway to build the curriculum that our communities deserve, but how are we, as educators, going to provide the learning contexts that will make education relevant for 21st century New Zealand. We will take a look at the works of Fisch, Friedman and others, and consider the impact upon us in the New Zealand context. This open mic discussion will enable participates to play an active role in envisioning New Zealand's educational future, and our role in it.

To do this I have had to use Blogger as Edublogs does not allow embedding of iframes for security reasons. The live blogging tool I am playing with is Coveritlive. It will be fun if it works all right- with this tool you can join in the live blogging conversation via instant messaging so it will almost be like being there apart from the fact you're not!


Anonymous said...

The live blog was cool. Thanks for setting it up o we could follow along

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barb- shame that the when replaying the live blog you couldn't see the contributions of the participants who joined us virtually.